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DevOps training

Our DevOps training will enable you to prepare your team for a career in SRE & devops, a fast-growing field that bridges the gap between software developers and operations professionals and learns the devops tools and methodologies.

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Tech Acceleration

DevOps Practices and SRE engineers

Trust worthy SRE Engineers trained in the DevOps arts are ready to help you out. DevOps is a culture that grow from inside teams and we get involved to achieve the goals of your company efficiently with communication, automation and technology.

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Cloud Guidance and hands on.

Yes. Cloud is here to stay. We've grown with it and we have the knowledge to get you there as well. We like feeling your problems as ours. What matters is doing things the best possible way on any cloud.

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Cloud in 5 days

Collaboration tools

Work together and keep in contact with the best collaboration tools. The spread of the coronavirus (aka COVID 19) has led companies around the world to accommodate remote working, helping reduce the spread of the virus while also aiming to limit the impact on productivity.

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Digital transformation

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TinkerWare is compromised by a bunch of talented, passionate devops that integrated seamlessly into our culture. We have been very happy and sometimes even surprised by the quality of their work. I would recommended working with them to anyone that wants to take their devops game to the next level.

Joel Salazar

Tinkerware gave us all the support to make the learning curve much smoother, they respect our responses and we always rely on all the issues we propose. We will definitely be very satisfied with all the support provided by the Tinkerware team.

Ernesto Ibañes

The Tinkerware team demonstrated its experience with timely attention and problem solving. The platform has great potential to be a very useful tool for the management and deployment of environments. The service is good, prices accessible.

Viridiana Rodríguez

Awesome help in different development environments to be more productive.

Ernesto Troncoso
Business Cases

Business Cases

Our past experiences.

Infrastructure management for Healthyvita, a platform in which people can participate in to adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking part in a diet challenge or making an appointment to obtain a plan according to your own specific goals or objectives.

A riskful success: this experience highlights what can happen when you have technical debt and choose to keep working that way despite TinkerWare’s suggestions.

who-trust-us kueski eyeo crowdinteractive cimat
Our Knowledge

Tech Stack and Dev Methodologies

We are so excited and proud of the range of technologies and development methodologies we can help you with.


aws digital-ocean cloud in-house

CIs and Methodology

travis-ci circle-ci gitlab jenkins ci

Infrastructure as Code

puppet chef ansible terraform cloud-formation


aws-dev-tools gitlab github
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